Electrical / Lighting

KIE Supply has been providing the Pacific Northwest with residential and commercial electrical supplies since 1955.


Our highly trained and experienced electrical specialists at our six convenient locations are ready to aid you with any project. We offer our clients the best available products on the market, including light bulbs, chandeliers, vanity lights, exterior lighting, kitchen under cabinet lighting, and anything else that adds light to your life. KIE Supply carries over 60 electrical brands, ranging from the Adorne Collection to Wac, to ensure you can always find your desired product.

Whether you are completing a massive commercial electrical project, a residential renovation, or simply want a new entry chandelier for your entryway, we are here to provide you with expert, thoughtful advice to ensure that you get a product that fits your need and suits your style.

To learn more about our available products, we recommend reviewing our brands and perusing our lighting store. To see our electrical supplies up close and personal, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our showroom representatives or stop on by at your convenience. Our passionate electrical specialists will provide in-depth information about each product and guide you to the right product for your project. There is nothing like seeing and touching a product in person to understand how it will influence your home and its aesthetic.

Got a whole house project? When you schedule an appointment, you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our experienced builder sales staff to discuss whole house electrical supplies and packages.


We at KIE Supply understand that your lighting fixtures are critical to your interior and exterior design. Unlike other design elements, lighting fixtures perform a key function in any home or business, lighting every room and highlighting special features.

Each lighting fixture is different, from its design to function to how it will affect the space. KIE Supply provides our customers with a wide range of options for each area of the home. One can add a sparkling chandelier at the entry to instantly wow guests, pendant lights to illuminate the most refined dishes prepared in the kitchen, and even under cabinet lighting to brighten countertops. Bathrooms benefit from careful lighting consideration, whether you want to use subtle wall scones or LED strips to paint makeup perfectly. In all reality, every room in a home should emphasize proper lighting design to ensure safety and functionality while ensuring a beautiful aesthetic, whether it is a home office or a small staircase closet.

Lighting choices can make or break a potential customer’s decision to visit when illuminating a business. Your business will need the appropriate lighting to ensure a safe, comfortable atmosphere that highlights what you are selling. For example, a medical facility should provide bright, clean light, whereas a romantic restaurant may want to utilize dimmable lighting to create an alluring atmosphere.

Without prior experience or training, choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures for your home or business can be challenging. When you visit our showroom, our passionate lighting specialists will provide in-depth information about each lighting fixture and guide you to the right product for your project.

To get started, we recommend reviewing our partner brands and our lighting store for ideas and inspiration; then, book an appointment with our showroom specialists.